Did you know most couples spend 6-12 months just planning their big day?

And Indian weddings are already so extravagant and over-the-top that it definitely takes a lot more planning than your average wedding. Obviously, you’ll want everything to be perfect, which means double-checking every single teeny tiny detail. Hence, it only makes sense for you to want to choose a wedding photographer who can flawlessly capture every detail that you worked so hard to perfect!

And then again, your wedding can only be as perfect as your venue. One of my clients, Amrita and Siddharth, recently got married in the New Jersey Area, 4 miles from the Statue of Liberty at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City. What makes it the perfect choice for a summer wedding is the fact that it’s a waterfront hotel with floor-to-ceiling windows that give you the perfect view of the city. So, if you want to have serene pictures taken at your wedding, this is exactly the place you want to host your wedding. The modish feel and incredible skyline views make for a wonderful wedding venue.

Oh, and did I mention the luxurious rooms are the best your guests could have, and you won't have to worry about them getting bored or leaving early? Honestly, who would want to leave such a beautiful place? Especially when it’s so affordable! Hence, you can easily have a big fat Indian wedding which you and your guests will equally enjoy.

As a New Jersey wedding photographer, I can confidently say that the riverfront and the breathtaking views definitely make for very unique photographs. And when you add in a colorful Indian wedding touch, it’s a combination that’s very hard to resist. Despite having photographed tens of dozens of South Indian weddings, Amrita and Sid’s was one of my favorites because literally, every spot was a spot worthy of a picture. And thus, their photos were just as dazzling as their smiles, if I do say so myself.

When photographing weddings, I always try to make them as personal as possible. I want to capture the raw emotions, the smiles, and the genuine connection that the couple shares – I want the pictures to reflect their love. I’ve noticed that most wedding photographers have a certain style that they replicate on different couples, which is like a standard/signature style of theirs. However, I’m more inclined towards taking the time to actually understand the couple and then using their photographs and videos to help them share their story with the world!

Amrita and Sid’s connection was deep yet instantly recognizable. And as cliché, as it might sound, they are made for each other – as anyone can tell. They’ve been together long enough to confidently jump on the marriage train, but the spark is definitely still there. I’ve been working as an Indian wedding photographer for quite some time now, and I always like to focus on the couple’s individualistic personalities and how they perfectly blend into one despite their differences. And of course, Indian weddings are never complete without the entire family, and thus, involving the parents and closest friends is a great way to make the photos more personal and truly memorable.

As a New Jersey wedding photographer, I want to make my clients' day extra special so that even when they revisit the pictures after a really long time, they’ll be taken back to the day that changed their lives forever – I want them to be able to relive the day through my art. You see, it’s all in the details.

I ensure that every part of the wedding, from the reception to the actual ceremony, the dances, the decoration, the venue, and the guests, all make it to the final wedding reel. So, when the couple looks back to the day, they’ll be reminded of the day they vowed to stay together for 7 lives – they’re in it for the long run, and they should cherish these emotions forever. Committing to one person for not just the rest of your life but all 7 is a BIG commitment, and that’s why you need a professional wedding photographer to capture every moment as it happens.

For a long time, Indian wedding photography has been a passion for me because I love making people smile. The genuine smiles of two people in love are just so precious. I mean, just check out some of these pictures:

Watch the wedding highlights video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X28g-GFkEn8

This Candid

I love getting candid shots, and this picture of Amrita is definitely one of my favorites since it shows you just how happy the couple is and how beautiful the union will be – kind of like a glimpse into what their wedded life will be like. No nervousness, just happy smiles.

This Symbolic Picture

This picture shows the groom is ready to start a new chapter in his life, as he welcomes the new day with open arms.

The Bride’s Entry

Ask any wedding photographer, and he'll tell you that the bride’s entry is obviously important because it’s genuinely a beautiful moment wherein she walks to the mandap, fully aware of all the eyes on her but also ready to welcome a new beginning. She'll be leaving her family behind, but she’ll get to spend the rest of all of her life with someone she loves most – and that makes all the difference!

This Closeup

Can you see Amrita’s smile? I mean, what’s not to love about this picture? As an Indian wedding photographer, I always make it a point to capture candid photos of the groom and bride on their big day because ultimately, it’s the little things that matter most, right?


This picture is one of my favorites because it perfectly captures the moment before the couple is finally joined as husband and wife. You can see the nervousness, the excitement, and the plethora of emotions that they’re through – all at once!

This Jai Mala Rasam Photo

This picture focuses on the Hindu wedding tradition, i.e., the Jai Mala rasam, wherein the bride and groom exchange garlands of fresh flowers. It is an indispensable part of any Hindu wedding, and so, obviously, I just had to capture it. And isn’t it just beautiful?

The Almost Married Photo

Amrita and Sid’s smiles really say it all. And as a New Jersey Wedding Photographer, I LOVE shooting happy couples because their pictures definitely turn out the best. Just look at the bride and groom holding hands – aren’t they the cutest?

And the Phairas Begin

The 7-Phairas tradition is a big part of Hindu weddings, and so, as the official wedding photographer for the event, I made sure the couple would always remember the time they vowed to spend not one but all 7 of their lives together. As a New Jersey wedding photographer, my job is practically to take and turn all these special moments into memories that you’ll hold dear for life!

This Full-Length Picture of the Bride

Happy brides are the prettiest. And this picture is certainly a memory that Amrita will hopefully cherish forever. Look at her, all dolled up and ready for the life that awaits her! I mean, I can literally feel the excitement that she’s feeling. Being an Indian wedding photographer, I know that the bride is always the center of attention at the wedding. And thus, I ensure that she gets her due time in the spotlight.

This Absolutely Gorgeous Portrait

The wedding dress is a crucial part of the bride’s day, and she really goes all out to ascertain that it’s 100% perfect for her special day. And that's why the wedding photographer should highlight the dress and its intricacies, so the bride’s effort pays off. Plus, when your dress is so breathtaking, why wouldn’t you want to show it off?

One with the Dupatta

The best part about this picture is the genuine smile that Amrita has. It shows the bride in her element and, thus, obviously makes for a wonderful memory.

The Finally Married Picture

This is one of those pictures that you get framed to hand on your bedroom wall. So, it’s definitely one of my favorites from the wedding. The happy couple is smiling ear-to-ear, and it’s just so cute. Because come on, what’s more, beautiful than two people in love and ready to take on the world together?

The Is This Really Happening Photo

Another cute picture of the happy couple just after they’ve been united as one, and their expressions really show the surreal feelings inside. It radiates positive energy, and when the couple revisits their wedding album later, this will surely make them feel all those feelings all over again because it’s a very special memory!

One With the Parents

This is one of the sweetest pictures from the entire event. The bride’s parents are happy for their daughter and ready for their baby to finally leave the nest and fly off into new horizons - such a beautiful moment and an even more beautiful memory!

This Gorgeous Closeup

Indian wedding photography is all about capturing the best moments of the event, which means loads of pictures of the happy bride. And this gorgeous shot of Amrita is my personal favorite. I mean, just look at her – isn't she lovely?

One With the Groom’s Parents

Yet another sweet moment captured on camera that shows Sid’s parents fawning over the new couple and giving their speeches. And the couple of the day is in the background, just living their best life. Honestly, I can't think of a better moment to sum up, the entire evening. Just look at the smiles all around, the hand holding, the loving looks – it’s all in the details.

One With the Cake

Another big highlight of the event is the cake-cutting ceremony, and thus, it definitely deserves to be captured and preserved forever. And I also managed to capture this special moment when the bride and groom finally cut the cake to celebrate their union.

The Dance

Speaking of special moments, what's more, special than the bride and groom waltzing off to a sweet melody? My years of wedding photography finally paid off as I managed to capture this candid picture of the power couple in their element.

This Embrace

An Indian wedding photographer's job is incomplete without an exclusive photo session of the bride and groom, which is why I always ensure to get the couple's best angles on their day. Wedding pictures are no ordinary pictures, the bride and groom will certainly revisit them at different points in time, and so they absolutely need to be just right! As a New Jersey wedding photographer, I understand that sometimes the couple will require you to guide them about posing and getting the right clicks, which is why I personally ensure that I get all the good angles

One With the View

The venue definitely matters, and booking a waterfront hotel like the Hyatt Regency Jersey City was one of the couple’s finest decisions. This means they got to take lots of pictures with the breathtaking view and if that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is!

One With the Groomsmen

Indian weddings are as big and fat as they get, but the more, the merrier, right? And that’s exactly the spirit that this picture depicts. The energy, support, and love from the groom’s family and friends mean everything, and this picture will serve as a reminder of that even years later.

More Dancing

No Indian wedding is ever complete without lots of dancing, and hence, this picture is an integral part of the wedding festivities. Everyone is having the time of their lives, celebrating and just letting loose on the dance floor – a beautiful moment captured at the perfect timing!

Make Your Wedding Memorable with Us!

If you’re getting married, you’ll need a wedding photographer, and this is not a decision you can make just like that – it needs to be carefully calculated. You see, your wedding pictures will be the only memories you have of your special day, and it only makes sense to go for a qualified, professional Indian wedding photographer.

So, if you need a New Jersey wedding photographer, feel free to get back to me on my website to discuss the event details.